Manufacturing Among Largest Economic Sectors

Manufacturing remains as one of the largest economic sectors in Oklahoma’s economy.
A report, commissioned by The State Chamber of Oklahoma, quantifies the economic impact of the manufacturing sector. Data inputs used for the forecast were provided by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.
Based on the results of the study, the manufacturing sector has substantial impacts on the regions and the state economies. During 2007, Oklahoma’s manufacturing impacted:
— State Output by an annual average of $128.091 billion.
— State Employment by an average of 431,656 net new jobs.
— Gross State Product by an annual average of $59.379 billion.
— State Real Disposable Personal Income by an annual average of $32.834 billion.
The manufacturing sector has long been a solid foundation underpinning Oklahoma’s economy. Energy, manufacturing, aerospace and health care are four super-sectors.
But with about 4,700 manufacturers in Oklahoma that employs 151,012 people, according to the OESC, the manufacturing sector contributed 11.13 percent, or $15 billion, to Oklahoma’s gross state product in 2007, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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