Marine Biologist Unveils Shark Sculpture

Three years ago, Oklahoma Aquarium Deputy Director Kenny Alexopoulos decided he was tired of seeing the barren marble base in the Aquarium entryway intended for a bronze sculpture that never materialized.
“I’d heard enough that it looked like a sarcophagus, or get asked if someone was buried in there. It was starting to feel like bad karma not having something on it,” said Alexopoulos.
So, the marine biologist, with skills in handling sharks, turned to the Internet to learn how to sculpt them. He found a tutorial on a process using rebar, foam and clay and determined he could turn his artistic talent, seen in multiple painted murals in the Aquarium, to something three-dimensional.
Alexopoulos worked on the sculpture, depicting three bull sharks, in his spare time over the course of three years. The sculpture has now been cast in bronze and will be displayed in front of the Aquarium.
“It finally feels real, there’s just something about the permanence of bronze,” Alexopoulos said.
The dedication ceremony and unveiling of Alexopoulos’ shark sculpture is set for 11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 6 in the Aquarium entry. The sculpture will be permanently mounted on the marble base.

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