Marshalling in Tulsa’s Favorite Beers

Since Eric Marshall, proprietor of Tulsa’s lone brewery Marshall Brewing Company, 618 S. Wheeling Ave., began offering his beer in local restaurants and bars in mid-May, his brew has quickly climbed to the top of the list of Tulsa’s favorite beers.
Though June sales were slow – “That first month was just getting out there and talking to some different people,” Marshall said – July brought sales that went the way of the daily high temperatures.
“On the first day of July, I think I sold 75 percent of what I sold in the whole month of June,” Marshall said.
“A lot more places are picking it up, and a lot of people are seeing that this local beer really is the real deal. It’s not some schmo in a basement making beer, trying to get people to carry it.”
McNellie’s, 4010 E. First St., the first to offer Marshall’s beers besides The Soundpony, 409 N. Main St., has sold eight kegs of the McNellie’s Pub Ale, making it the fifth most popular draft beer at the pub.
Six kegs each were sold of the Atlas India Pale Ale and Sundown Wheat beers. McNellie’s carries 60 brews on tap.
“It’s very popular,” said Aaron Post, a manager and bartender at McNellie’s.
During the opening days of McNellie’s OKC, Marshall’s Atlas India Pale Ale was the No. 2 seller, behind only Guinness. McNellie’s Pub Ale ranked fourth in sales.
“I have gotten a very overwhelmingly positive response,” he said. “People are really liking the beer, and bars are selling quite a bit of it.”
Not wasted on some initial success, Marshall is looking to find more Tulsa bars and restaurants to carry his beer. Fans could see Marshall beers in 16 Rib Cribs in Oklahoma and a few other states before the end of the year.
Marshall will begin bottling his beers in 22-ounce bottles this month, and they will be available in liquor stores throughout Tulsa.

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