MassMutual Ramps Up Recruiting in Tulsa

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. agency in Tulsa is stepping-up its drive to recruit new agents and the firm is offering major incentives to attract top financial services professionals.
“We’re recruiting dozens of new agents right now and we’re working hard to attract top talent. To do this we need to offer an unrivaled package of incentives, training, and support,” said Scott Rich, vice president of field force development for MassMutual.
MassMutual pays the tuition and fees for agents who earn industry designations and college degrees up to and including a Masters of Science Degree in Financial Services.
Agents – who build their own financial services practice within the MassMutual agency – may receive office space, administrative staff, utilities, and nearly everything related to setting-up and growing their practice. Eligible agents also receive an income subsidy for up to three years.

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