Massive Downtown Development Includes Baseball Stadium

Global Development Partners, a Washington DC based company has big plans for downtown. The company has already purchased one acre of land in Tulsa, between 2nd Street and 8th Street, just east of Detroit and plans to buy 28 more acres, which would be enough land to start the development. The company calls their project the “East End.”

Encompassing over 14 city blocks, the East End connects Tulsa’s revitalizing downtown to the affluent mid-town district of the city creating a destination that will serve a 100-mile regional trade area of over 2.5 million people.

The East End will offer over 1.9 million SF of mixed-use development including over 450,000 SF of retail and dining experiences; 800 units of urban living; three high quality hotels; 150,000 SF of modern office space; and — as a centerpiece — an 8,000 seat state-of-the-art new Tulsa Drillers baseball stadium.

“As you know it is not a done deal yet, but obviously the “East End” project I think is very exciting for the city of Tulsa. If it does include a baseball stadium and we can come to terms that are good for all those concern then we would be very excited to be a part of it and the opportunities it might bring,” said Chuck Lamson, Tulsa Drillers owner.

That’s not to say that Drillers Stadium is not still a viable option. “Just like any other business out there you have to assess what could be a good business opportunity,” he said.

“The propose stadium though 3,000 seats less than we presently have would provide a more intimate setting,” Lamson said. There would still be room to add additional capacity if needed.

The Drillers average 5,000 in attendance per game and rank fourth among eight teams in the Texas League. However, Lamson points out with two new stadiums coming online next year, including Springdale and Little Rock, Ark., their level of interest would probably drop the Driller’s attendance down to sixth in the League.

Global Development Partners says the project will take about five years to complete. Financial details of the project were not disclosed.

More information about the East End project, and about Global Development Partners can be found on the company’s website

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