Mayo May See Early Completion

Construction at the Mayo Hotel and Lofts is in the fast lane.
Macy Snyder, sales and public relations manager, said though the opening of the project, one of the most anticipated building make-overs in downtown Tulsa, was originally slated for December, quick construction has allowed them to move the opening to late August.
“Everything, including the hotel, lofts and the ballroom will be open in August,” she said. “We’re going to have events through October, then a grand opening celebration in November.”
Some of said events are sure to be held in the Crystal Ballroom, the most opulent rentable space in the building. As it stands now, the cavernous room perched on the Mayo’s 18th floor is still undergoing heavy construction. The tarazzo flooring — all original, and required to stay for the purposes of historical preservation — is unrecognizable under a thick layer of construction dust, far from complete.
Demand, however, is keeping pace with construction, and Snyder said she has already been showing the room to prospective brides.
Even with only the commanding view from its arched windows and the hints of carefully replicated decorative molding fastened to the walls to give any indication of its future glory, Snyder said it hasn’t been a hard room to sell.
“Some of them have a hard time looking at it now and visualizing the finished product,” Snyder said. “But I can get them up here to see the view and get a feel for the space, and then when we can show them the final drawings it will make more sense.”
She also said demand was increasing for the Mayo’s residential lofts.
“Beginning April 1, we will start taking $250 refundable deposits through our Web site [], which will keep track of the order in which they are placed,” she said. “Then beginning in May, we will have a completed, fully-furnished model apartment ready for people to come in and view.”
Snyder said she was in the process of courting a local business owner to furnish the apartment, but said she couldn’t yet reveal who.
Of the 75 residential units, only one of which will be a true one-room efficiency, there are 26 different floor plans, and the varying beam placement and architectural nuances in each make every apartment unique. Apartments will rent for $1.20 to $1.60 per SF.
The apartments on several floors aren’t far from being done; cabinetry and marble countertops were already in place, and several rooms already had brushed-stainless refrigerators in place.
The remaining work will move fast, Snyder said.
“All of the finishes are on site, and the appliances are on their way,” Snyder said. “We’ve also ordered all the furniture for the hotel, which is usually what holds places up.”
Also ordered are several specially made crystal chandeliers for the building’s entryway, estimated around $30,000 a piece.
Snyder said neither the hotel or the lofts would open until the entire building was completed to avoid complications and unpleasant living conditions for residents or guests.

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