Mayor Announces Continued Partnership with EMSA

Mayor Kathy Taylor today announced that the Emergency Medical Services Authority will continue to provide emergency medical services and ambulance services to Tulsa citizens.
The mayor and key advisors have been considering for several months the option to renew the City’s contract with EMSA or whether to allow the Tulsa Fire Department to provide those services. The Mayor commissioned a study group to hear presentations and gather data from both the TPD and EMSA regarding operational plans, funding mechanisms, quality of service and other factors.
EMSA has provided ambulance service and emergency medical care to Tulsa and some neighboring communities, as well as in Oklahoma City, for nearly 30 years. The authority was created in 1977 and began service in 1978.
In the current fiscal year, the City was asked to subsidize EMSA operations for the first time, in the amount of $1.9 million. It was the first time such a subsidy has been necessary. EMSA officials say lowering of ambulance fees paid by the federal government for Medicare patients has reduced revenues since 2002. Cash reserves allowed EMSA to continue to operate without additional subsidies until this fiscal year.
EMSA serves more than 1.1 million Oklahomans in 16 communities in the state’s two largest urban areas. It operates a fleet of 65 ambulances and utilizes the talents of nearly 500 medics and support personnel.

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