Mayor Institutes Purchase Moratorium

Citing increased budget constraints, Mayor Kathy Taylor instituted a city-wide moratorium on certain purchases pending the final budget analysis and recommendations for the next fiscal year.

With salary increases approved for police, fire and 911employees, and pending agreements with labor and trades employees, Taylor said salary costs will take up nearly 80 percent of the general operating budget in fiscal year 2008.

“As we begin to analyze our budget needs for the next fiscal year, it is imperative that we carefully review all costs and ensure we are fully collecting all current revenue streams,” Taylor told her management team this week.

Taylor’s management team and staff are examining purchasing procedures and methods and will also review the terms of all renewable contracts.

Until the analysis is complete, all purchases for cars, light trucks, computers, printers and copiers must be justified in writing and will be reviewed by Mayor Taylor with the Finance Department on a weekly basis for approval.

The City also will omit clauses in all renewable contracts for goods and services that allow for an automatic increase in costs when renewed for another year, unless the contractor provides specific documentation.

“The city of Tulsa is already operating with very lean resources and a serious shortage of personnel in many areas. But, I am asking our departments to tighten their belts once again. As we head into this next budget cycle, I am committed to reviewing every department in this city to find efficiencies.”

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