Mayor Proposes Settlement to FOP Leadership

After a series of ongoing discussions over the past several weeks, Mayor Kathy Taylor has made an offer to settle the contract with the Fraternal Order of Police. Mayor Taylor met with FOP President Darin Filak Sunday and outlined the proposal. Filak then briefed the FOP negotiation team on the offer and they unanimously recommended taking it to a vote of the membership. A vote of the membership could come as early as next week.

“I am pleased that the Mayor has continued to work towards a positive resolution. I feel that the membership should have the opportunity to vote on this offer,” said Filak.

Mayor Taylor said she is devoting time to personally meet and finalize agreements with the union leadership representing other City of Tulsa employee groups.

Taylor has also asked to address the Tulsa City Council in executive session to brief members on the terms of the FOP agreement and her ongoing discussions with other employee groups.

If the FOP votes to accept the compensation package, Taylor will not move forward with the process of calling for a public vote on the police pay increase, as awarded by an arbitration panel. In order to meet administrative deadlines, Taylor notified the Tulsa City Clerk of a possible election, while continuing to meet with the FOP representatives.

“During the last two weeks, I have met with the FOP leadership several times and also pulled my management team together to begin the process of identifying the short-term and long-term funding solutions needed to address our city’s needs,” said Taylor. “This offer puts us one step closer to addressing those needs.”

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