Mayor Wants to ReGreen Tulsa

In her never-ending effort to make Tulsa prettier, Mayor Kathy Taylor has announced a “20,000 by 2010” tree planting campaign aimed at “re-greening” the city.
“This is the third phase of our storm recovery. First, we implemented Operation Power Up! to restore power to our citizens,” Taylor said. “Phase 2 is to diligently work to clean up debris. The third phase is to work to get our City green again.”
“The plan will include planting in public and private areas as well as neighborhood education on the value and care of trees,” Taylor added.
ReGreen Tulsa has secured a $1.5 million challenge grant and will need an additional $4 million in private funding over the next three years. AEP/PSO has agreed to provide $150,000 over the life of the program.
The inaugural ReGreen Tulsa tree (a white bud) will be planted at the entrance to Tulsa’s first park – Owen Park, the location of Tulsa’s Oldest Existing House.
According to a release from the Mayor’s office, trees will be planted throughout the city in city parks, storm retention areas and on rights of way. Tulsa’s existing tree planting program, Up With Trees, will assist with plantings in neighborhoods using community volunteers. ReGreen Tulsa was adapted from successful models developed in Atlanta, Austin and Indianapolis.

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