Mayor and Unions reach Agreement

The City of Tulsa reach agreements with the Fraternal Order of Police No. 93 and the Tulsa Firefighters Local 176 on contract amendments which will ensure the City can meet the Fiscal Year 2009-2010 budget objectives, as passed by the City Council in a 5-4 vote last week.
“Realizing the serious financial situation the City finds itself in due to its over reliance on a volatile revenue source – sales taxes — the Fraternal Order of Police No. 93 stepped up and agreed to support allowing each officer to take 64 hours of furlough time and return to the City the amount equal to the value of those days through a direct payroll deduction” said Taylor.
“The FOP and Firefighters have found solutions that insure that there is no negative impact on public safety and I thank them for their cooperation”, said Taylor.
The contract amendments must be ratified by the membership of the unions.
“This will ensure we are able to graduate and continue the employment of our newly trained police cadets at graduation tomorrow and avoid permanent layoffs that would impact public safety” said FOP President Phil Evans.
In addition to furloughs, police, fire and AFSME labor unions agree to forego raises this fiscal year.
Fire Chief Alan LaCroix and the International Association of Firefighters also agreed to a reorganization of the Fire department which will save over $1.7 million in the next budget year, and more than $3 million over a five-year period.
Police and fire general fund budgets, which are for the most part payroll costs, are funded primarily through sales tax. Sales tax collections, unlike property tax, change dramatically with the economy.

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