Mazda CX-7 Replacement for a Sentimental American Auto Icon

During most of automotive history, many American households had a family car sitting in the driveway. When the family car became too worn for family use, the once respected, sometimes cherished, family member was “retired,” often relegated to a spot behind the tool shed, or far back yard weed patch.
American affection for the old family jalopy made it difficult to part with, and a uniquely American car class emerged. The common label for these old, faithful family friends was dad’s “fishing car.”
The latter decades of the 20th century saw the fishing car disappear from the American scene as time changed the value of older cars when they became antiques.
Having just tested a Mazda CX-7, we were struck by how well this car could perform the family car and fishing car functions, hauling fly rods and fishing buddies as comfortably as the old, family jalopy, and still be an exemplary family car at the same time.
The CX-7 serves, by the most critical measure, the family functions the original station wagon was designed to perform, before its label went out of fashion, paving the way for those half-truck, half-sedan sport utility versions which did neither job as safely or as easily as the station wagon. Although it took 20 years for car buyers to recognize it, the van and SUV designs have finally merged into a functional vehicle that represents a contemporary station wagon.
The CX-7 overcomes virtually all of the shortcomings of the now traditional, too-tall, too-thirsty Sport Utility Jalopy. The CX-7’s all-wheel drive has excellent handling characteristics at turnpike speeds, and more compact chassis dimensions make it easy to park and maneuver through traffic.
The CX-7’s interior appointments are as posh as a luxury sedan, and the design of the seats is ergonomically outstanding. The instrument panel layout is designed to maximize legibility and provide the driver with comprehensive, quick scan readouts with a minimum of eye deviation from the road.
You should spend enough time behind the wheel to get the feel of any car before you make a buying decision. Test the very impressive Mazda CX-7 and see for yourself just how extraordinary it is, drivewise. ?

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