Midtown Panera Closes, Will Move South

The local Panera Bread franchise, Traditional Bakery, Inc., has announced intentions to open a new Panera Bread bakery-cafe at 91st Street and Memorial Dr., while abandoning the stores current 3800 E. 51st St. site.
“We have an opportunity to move our location to a new site at 91st and Memorial,” said Renee Eiffert, Director of Marketing for the franchise. “On Tuesday, Aug. 7 we will discontinue operations at the 51st Street location as planned. However, because of construction timing on the 91st and Memorial site, we do not anticipate moving into our new location until early December this year, right before the holidays.”
“We are excited about opening a new location in South Tulsa. Our staff at the 51st Street location will be absorbed by the bakery-cafes at 69th and Lewis and 41st and Hudson.”
Dr. Tom and Sue Stees of Tulsa and Springfield residents Jim and Gaynell Magers own the eight Tulsa-area locations which are a part of the Traditional Bakery, Inc. franchise.
They also own 11 other Panera Bread bakery-cafes located in Stillwater, Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.
Tulsa-area bakery-cafes are located at 6981 S. Lewis Ave., 1624 E 15th St., Woodland Hills Mall, 5601 E. 41st St. and 11123 E. 71st St. Also in Broken Arrow at 2201 West Detroit and 12417 E. 96th St. North in Owasso.

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