(Modest) Flintco Official Elected to Head Marketing Organization

Dana Birkes was elected by the Society for Marketing Professional Services as its 2007-2008 national president-elect last month.
Birkes currently serves as the vice president of marketing for Tulsa-based Flintco Companies Inc.
Birkes joined Flintco in 2002 as director of marketing and launched a branding campaign that led to increased visibility for the company. In the release on her election, the SMPS wrote that since Birkes joined the company, Flintco had more than doubled its revenues.
A bit embarrassed at the reference that Birkes felt made her seem solely responsible for the good fortune at Flintco, she wrote in an e-mail to a reporter that the rapid expansion of the company has been a team effort and can be directly attributed “to the ongoing, great performance of people in the field.”
Birkes’ responsibilities at Flintco include development and implementation of company-wide marketing and communications strategies. She is also responsible for the development of national client and partner development for its nine offices.

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