More Property Owners Join Suit Against City

Downtown property owners within the Tulsa Stadium Improvement District amended their lawsuit against the City with a filing in Tulsa County District Court.
The class-action suit includes more than 1,400 property owners. They are fighting the special assessment district created last July when the City Council created the Tulsa Stadium Improvement District No. 1, which contains all tracts within the Inner Dispersal Loop.
The City of Tulsa had no comment, said Kim MacLeod, director of Strategic Communications.
Some property owners claim their assessment has gone up 1,000 percent, said attorney Kent Morlan, who is representing the property owners.
“We believe that city officials will have a hard time proving a property a mile from the baseball stadium will benefit,” he said.
ONEOK Field, set to open next April, is being constructed in the northeast corner of downtown next to the IDL. Morlan said properties directly across the highway are not being assessed, while properties at 13th Street and Cheyenne Avenue are.
“They are trying to assess Tulsa Regional Hospital for $85,000 a year,” he said. “I do not know how a hospital benefits from the stadium when it is as far as you can get from it. They are using the IDL as an arbitrary and capricious delimiter of the assessment.”
Plaintiffs began receiving notices in March informing them that their properties would be subject to assessment beginning on July 1 at a rate of 6.5 cents per square foot.
The property owners in the lawsuit claim the City manipulated the process associated with the creation of the assessment district and the assessment roll in an effort to deprive them adequate notice.

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