More Than 30 Delinquent Parking Tickets a Day Paid

So far, the City of Tulsa is collecting a daily average of $573.33 in its Parking Ticket Amnesty period.
The total works out to 32 tickets a day. The total collected so far is $3,440.
A backlog of more than $2.2 million worth of unpaid parking tickets prompted city prosecutors and municipal courts to offer the amnesty period before stepped-up collection efforts begin.
Holders of unpaid parking tickets are taking advantage of the April 6-24 Parking Ticket Amnesty period that allows violators to pay their fines without paying late fees or court costs.
Although the first week of the program was a short week because City offices, including cashiers, were closed on Good Friday, April 10, more than 30 overdue tickets were paid each day.
Anyone who believes they may have one or more outstanding parking citations, but has misplaced the actual citation or does not know the number, can call 596-7761 to determine if they have outstanding citations. They should have their license tag number available when calling.
The amnesty does not apply to citations for moving violations or other muncipal tickets or warrants; only to parking tickets.

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