Muskogee Call Center to Add 175 Jobs

A new call center at Muskogee’s Department of Veteran Affairs will add 175 jobs to the city’s economic landscape.
The center, which is slated to open in November, will add $5 million to the Regional Office’s $40 million annual payroll, and will be located in a rehabbed former grocery store at 800 E. Okmulgee Ave.
To date, 45 employees, with a starting pay of about $28,000 have been hired for the call center, which is expected to receive up to four million calls per year.
The city of Muskogee said the cost of construction for the renovation of the grocery building will be $300,000. Architects Collective of Tulsa, 4200 East Skelly Dr., designed the renovation.
Muskogee’s VA Education Center is one of four in the nation and handles claims for the western region, which consists of 14 states, Guam, Samoa and Manila. It is estimated that the Muskogee center handles 37 percent of the education calls nationwide.
Other VA Education Centers are located in Buffalo, Atlanta, and St. Louis.

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