NGAS, Seminole to Build Processing Plant and Treatment Facility

NGAS Resources, Inc. and Tulsa-based Seminole Gas Company LLC, have announced plans for the joint construction and co-ownership of a natural gas processing plant near Rogersville, Tennessee, and a separate natural gas treatment facility in northern Christian County, Kentucky.

The Rogersville processing plant will be located near an interconnection with the East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC interstate pipeline system. The plant will extract natural gas liquids from gas production serviced by the NGAS gathering system.

On-site construction of the Rogersville plant is expected to start in the next few weeks upon receipt of necessary permits, with a scheduled completion date near year-end. Designed for scalable capacity, the plant can initially process up to 25,000 Mcf per day,

In addition to the Rogersville processing plant, NGAS and Seminole Gas Company will soon begin construction of a natural gas treatment facility to service the New Albany shale development project being conducted by NGAS in northern Christian County, Kentucky. The facility will include a nitrogen reduction unit and will be co-owned by subsidiaries of NGAS and Seminole. The treatment facility is also planned for completion near year-end.

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