Neighborhood Bar to Become Multi-Function Complex

So, two guys walk into a bar and end up hatching a plan to carve it into a multi-purpose facility with arguably one of Tulsa’s most diverse group of tenants.
It may sound like a joke, but building owner Jack Jones and developer John Calkins are all business when it comes to their plans to turn the Pour House, 118 E. 18th St., into the SoBo Complex, a new healthy community complex.
Jones’ plans for the complex include a farmers market, catering kitchen, a pub, personal training gym and a day spa/salon.
All future tenants will be responsible for the renovation and buildout of their respective sections of the building.
Jones said Spa Lux, which has a branch at 91st and Memorial, has already signed on to the project, and the two are set to sign a gym this week.
He also said the pair is looking for investors with interests ranging from buying the bar to buying the entire complex.
“Our vision to add a healthy community complex in the historic 18th and Boston area is just one more step in the revitalization of downtown Tulsa,” Jones said. “We’ve put together a plan that we’re sure will prosper and add to the success of the area, and we’re looking for interested individuals to help us carry this vision forward.”
The neighborhood market, located on the east side of the building’s first floor, will offer take-home prepared meals, a bakery and a farmer’s produce aisle. Multiple local-grown products will be sold in the market, and local catering companies will stock the shelves with their products available for purchase. The kitchen will be available for rent for catering and more.
“We’re working with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, the Oklahoma Sustainable Green Country organization, Cherry Street Farmers’ Market Association and Buy Fresh Buy Local,” Jones said.
The west side of the building will be closed from the bar and converted to a personal training gym.
The pub, in staying with the locally-produced theme of the complex, will feature local beer and Oklahoma wines.
The spa will be located on the now vacant second floor of the building, and will offer a wide range of services including massage, facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures. The building will also have a glassed-in second-level sunroom on the east side of the building.
Jones said plans are being submitted to the city for approval, and he hopes to have the farmer’s market, the first phase of construction, finished and operational by the beginning of the summer.

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