New Drilling Product Offered

United Engines introduces another option to the oil and gas industry for powering their rigs.
Oklahoma City-based United Engines, in cooperation with MTU and Mertz Inc., introduced the 1200rpm 4000-G73 Electric Drilling, SCR generator for the oil and gas industry. It features the MTU 12V4000 engine, a variant of the 12V4000 engine used in Hydro-Frac rigs, Mine Haul trucks and Standby Generator applications is the initial offering by MTU of a sole source oilfield SCR generator package.
The 4000-G73 Electric Drilling, SCR generator features the power and reliability of the MTU 12V4000 engine to produce 1105 kW Prime power with an additional overload capacity of 10 percent. This new package is also more fuel efficient than many other oil and gas generator sets on the market. MTU’s clean sheet design approach has resulted in standard features which exceed current industry standards including 3G-enabled telemetry.
“This package is going to provide the oil and gas industry with another option when it comes to powering their rigs. An additional benefit is that it’s assembled right here in Oklahoma, keeping jobs and families in the state,” said Bill Moore, the President of United Engines. “We expect this product to compete vigorously with other packages on the market.”
United Engines, which employs 320 people, was founded more than 60 years ago and has offices in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

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