‘New Kind of Energy’ Promoted at Unveiling

During the revealing of The Channels on Tuesday, Sept. 6, John-Kelly Warren used a phrase coined by YPTulsa earlier this year.
“It’s time Tulsa is known for a new kind of energy,” he said to about 525 people at the DoubleTree Hotel downtown.
Warren, chairman of the Warren Foundation and spokesman for the non-profit Tulsa Stakeholders Inc., also used the “new kind of energy” phrase in the group’s press release.
Laura Chalus, head of YPTulsa, noticed it, too.
“Yes, I heard Mr. Warren express a very similar sentiment at a presentation for Step Up Tulsa about six months ago,” Chalus wrote in an e-mail. “I know he had at least one conversation with a few of our YPTulsa Advisory Council members about the New Kind of Energy campaign and apparently really took a liking to the slogan — but more importantly — the message.”
“As much as we believe in those words it is honestly very rewarding to hear leaders in the community use them when talking about the great changes that are and will be occurring for Tulsa. It is indeed an exciting time to be a Tulsan.”

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