New Logo Adds Energy to Branding

The YP motto did not die. It moved to City Hall.
“Tulsa, a New Kind of Energy” is now on City of Tulsa stationary.
We noticed that Mayor Kathy Taylor used the slogan since taking office.
“We talked to them and they signed it over to us last fall,” Taylor said.
The new logo will unify the city’s branding. It is part of an effort demonstrating to Tulsans all the different things their tax dollars are doing, Taylor said. The branding effort will merge all the various departments and logos.
“Tulsa Parks has a logo and the Performing Arts Center had a logo. When we talked to people, no one understood that in fact, they were their facilities,” Taylor said.
“So, we just updated it a little bit. And we think this speaks to where Tulsa is going. We are still very much based on the energy industry. But, there is a new energy in town.”
YPTulsa announced the logo in 2005 and banners with the slogan still hang inside several downtown buildings. The YP organization gradually faded as the Tulsa Metro Chambers’ young professional group grew stronger.
Now though, the motto has a new home.
Taylor always felt the phrase represented where Tulsa was going.
“It had a place in our history because we are the energy city.” ?

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