New Product, Process Fair Call for Entries

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to enter the New Product and Process Fair Dec. 12 on the campus of Moore Norman Technology Center, 13301 S. Penn Ave., in Oklahoma City.
The application deadline is Nov. 20, and official rules and regulations are available at
Founded by former Congressman Wes Watkins more than 20 years ago, the fair aims to encourage students to think out of the box, ignite their creativity and showcase their entrepreneurial talent.
It also teaches students to develop problem-solving skills, expands their research abilities and helps them cultivate communication and presentation skills.
However, the fair is no longer limited to students. There are six divisions of competition: Elementary Student (grades 3-6), Secondary Student (grades 7-12) Adult Student (enrolled in one of Oklahoma’s Technology Centers), Collegiate Student (Oklahoma college students, undergraduate or graduate status) Small Business (currently producing and/or selling a product or process) and Open Class (entrants not qualifying in the other divisions).
Top entrants will be invited to display their prototypes at the fair and will compete for $11,700 in cash prizes.
Entries are judged by a panel of judges selected by fair sponsors. Entries are judged on innovation, presentation and potential for commercialization.
In a message to students and entrepreneurs, Watkins said, “Our country’s rich history and prosperity has been spurred by the inventions and ideas from individuals just like you.”
Fair sponsors are Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology and REI, a non-profit economic development firm providing business assistance to entrepreneurs across the state.
For more specifics or questions about the fair, visit and click on “Rules and Instructions” for contact information.

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