New Wind Energy Project in Works

State Rep. Gus Blackwell and state Sen. Bryce Marlatt announce progress to develop wind energy in northwest Oklahoma and the Panhandle.
The Southwest Power Pool, a multi-state regulator of electric transmission including Oklahoma, recently met to discuss making a transmission line from Woodward to Guymon a top priority and be built as soon as possible.
“It’s good to see the results of all our efforts to come closer to fruition. It creates an opportunity for billions of dollars of investment for our districts,” said Marlatt.
Currently, Oklahoma has about 1,000 mega watts of wind power being produced. Blackwell said once this line is completed it will triple the current capacity and provide about 3,000 mega watts.
“This will jump start the growth potential of wind power in Oklahoma. I want to thank Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud, state Sen. Bryce Marlatt, and former state Sen. Owen Laughlin for their continued efforts to make sure developing wind power in our state becomes a number one priority,” said Blackwell. “This is a huge step in developing wind energy in the Panhandle and will helpOklahoma meet future energy needs.”

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