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In the early 1960s, Charles Porta, as an oil and gas man, started traveling from courthouse to courthouse in Oklahoma to research land records.
He wanted to know what land had been leased and when those leases would expire.
Porta rode the peaks and valleys of the industry for decades. During the recent slowdown, however, he decided to take a new approach.
He founded Mineral Research Solutions, an Edmond-based firm that reaches every corner of Oklahoma and beyond, depending on his clients’ needs.
Their needs included services to the legal, banking and CPA communities — what Porta has done for so long.
“I research and verify leases, applying my 35 years experience to get the best and most accurate information possible,” he said.
Moreover, contacts can often provide information that will assist in research.
“One thing about my profession as a landman is that I am in constant contact with others in the industry,” he said.
While some land records are put online, a lot of information there might be missing.
“For example, someone might say that Uncle Joe had mineral rights on property in Kingfisher County,” Porta said.
Extensive research would be necessary to determine what Uncle Joe did with the property, as well as what heirs should expect if it were an estate.
But Porta’s work goes beyond research mineral leases.
It also includes verifying land ownership, determining divisions in divorces and availing other legal situations.
Staff members have traveled to Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana for such services.
“We go almost anywhere to verify and validate land data,” he said. “Our services also help reduce expenses because, with the exception of mileage, our $75-per-hour fee does not begin until we go into the courthouse. That makes it relatively inexpensive when a long trip is involved.”
Mineral Research Solutions frees attorneys from leaving in the office, letting them focus on clients’ needs rather than spending a lot of windshield time, Porta said.
Porta isn’t alone in his efforts.
Greg Farha contributes his talents to the information technology side.
Porta can be reached at Mineral Research Solutions at 405-286-3909. The firm’s Web site is

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