NextEra Energy Plans Third Wind Facility in State

NextEra Energy Resources plans construction for a third wind facility near Weatherford for Public Service Company of Oklahoma.
NextEra Energy is working through local permitting and interconnection issues and expect to begin construction on 43 Siemens 2.3 megawatt turbines this summer and be complete by year end.
NextEra would not disclose financial details, but using a rule of thumb of spending $2 million per MW, then the project would cost roughly $200 million.
Once completed, there will be 209 turbines operating in Oklahoma.
Including the existing Elk City project, NextEra Energy wind facilities will produce about 348 MW of power. This will generate enough wind power to serve about 87,000 average homes with emission-free energy.
In addition, the project creates jobs, generate tax revenue, pay lease payments to landowners and NextEra purchases goods and services locally, said Daphne Avila, spokeswoman for NextEra Energy.
The subsidiary of the FPL Group began its next era with a name change in January. With a portfolio of more than 16,900 megawatts in 25 states and Canada, NextEra Energy is one of the largest competitive energy suppliers in the U.S.
Tax Rebates Fund Deep Drilling, Says OPI
Oklahoma Policy Institute reports that Oklahoma’s producers have claimed $339 million in exemptions, or rebates, from the gross production tax, with almost three-quarters of the rebates claimed for deep well drilling and horizontally drilled wells.
Most gross production tax exemptions are set to expire on June 30. The state Legislature is considering bills HB 2026 and SB 313 that would extend the exemptions through 2012.
The state caps the rebates that can be claimed for deep wells drilled below 15,000 feet at $25 million per year. Most other exemptions are uncapped but can be claimed only when the average annual index price of natural gas is below $5 per million cubic feet or the price of oil is below $50 per barrel. Exemptions for horizontally drilled wells are subject to neither a cap nor a price trigger; the state paid out over $35 million in rebates for horizontal drilling in FY ‘08.
BP Ramps Up Deepwater Gulf Projects
BP plc ramping up production from the Dorado and King South projects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico as subsea tiebacks to its existing Marlin Tension Leg Platform infrastructure.
The platform is about 125 miles southeast of New Orleans.
Gulf of Mexico Gas Output Continues to Decline
Natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico is forecast to continue to decline over the next four years, according to the Minerals Management Service.
Aging projects in shallow water is the primary cause, MMS said.
Obama Policies Support Natural Gas
Renewable energy stands to benefit the most from Obama administration policies, according to energy executives who responded to a recent poll.
Natural gas would be helped as well, according to the poll by KPMG LLP’s Global Energy Institute.
However, energy independence is wishful thinking for at least the next two decades or beyond, despite the emphasis on alternative energy sources in current and proposed government energy policies. Mass production of power from renewable sources won’t come any time soon either, the poll said.

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