No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Ken Roper, co-owner of Tulsa’s Eye Candy Cuts (4775 S. Harvard Ave., knows that a little controversy can go a long way, and he plans to take advantage of it.
“Its gone crazy,” he said. “We had no idea that a little publicity, good or bad, would do this much.”
“We sat here amazed that my wife (Lani Roper, co-owner of the salon) ran one ad in a citywide publication and we immediately started to receive calls, to the point that business was good.”
“Since the news story that ran on TV, business has been very, very good.”
According to Roper, the salon’s exposure, not only in the Tulsa market but also on the nationwide via the Rush Limbaugh Show and the Fox News Channel has increased the number of inquiries he has received for franchises.
“We absolutely plan on opening more. I think the next one will be opened in Oklahoma City,” he said. “We have already been contacted by a number people who want to open salons, and the groundwork is being laid to franchise Eye Candy Cuts.”
As for now, Roper is just thankful for the ill-intentioned caller that attempted to “expose” his business.
“Whoever sicked Channel 8 on us, it backfired on them,” he said. “Even if the original intentions were bad, it has turned out wonderfully for us. The phones won’t stop ringing.”

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