North Tulsa Grocery Store Announced

Local businessman and owner Antonio Perez will open a Gateway Market in mid-January.
The new grocery store opens in the former Albertons location at Pine Street and Peoria Avenue.
“It is so exciting that the work of our team and the persistence of our North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative, along with Rose Washington Rentie, District 3 Councilor David Patrick and other economic development advocates, has allowed us to get this grocery store opened,” Mayor Kathy Taylor said.
“I have personally driven prospective operators through north Tulsa and advised my team it was the top priority. I want to thank Julie Miner and Mike Bunney of our economic development team, as well as Major Paul Williams of the Tulsa Police Dept. for pushing this forward,” Mayor Taylor said.
For more than a year, the city worked with the local community to identify and initiate discussions with grocery chains to encourage them to consider the location, which was vacated by Albertsons following the chain’s decision to sell Tulsa locations.
Economic Development Director Mike Bunney said Taylor’s first priority for the economic development team since his hiring was a grocery store at the Pine and Peoria site.
“I am very pleased with our progress. Mayor Taylor made it clear the grocery store was job number one and she has followed up on it every week since,” Bunney said of Taylor’s commitment to the project.

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