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Four Tulsa-area Albertsons grocery stores, left vacant in recent closings could be due for a new spring outfit.
Ross Stores Inc. has agreed with Albertsons LLC to acquire 46 Albertsons real estate sites in Oklahoma, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.
The company plans to incorporate these properties into its 2007 expansion program for Ross and DD’s Discounts stores.
Albertsons, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Supervalu, is a supermarket retailer that, at its peak, operated more than 2,500 grocery stores and 700 drug stores under several names in 37 states with about 230,000 associates.
Both Ross and Supervalu officials declined to identify the Oklahoma sites that would be affected by the sale. At least four Tulsa-area sites, which were closed after the takeover by Supervalu, are potentially part of the Albertsons site sale.
Ross will take possession of some of these sites as soon as November 2006, with estimated openings beginning as early as March 2007. Capital expenditure requirements to convert these sites to the Ross or DD’s Discounts formats are projected to be in the range of $1.5-2 million per store.

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