OERB Launches Online Job Search for Energy Industry

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board has launched a free online job search for oil and natural gas industry employers and job seekers statewide.

OERB Executive Director Mindy Stitt said the Job Line will help fill Oklahoma’s need for energy industry employees, both skilled labor and professionals.

“Oklahoma has witnessed an increase in drilling and leasing activity due to new technology and higher energy prices,” Stitt said. “The demand for a trained workforce has grown as well, and the lack of employees is actually slowing efforts to meet the energy needs of the United States.”

According to a recent report by Ernst & Young, the need for employees has become the No. 1 threat to the energy industry. The report noted the average age of energy industry employees is 49. As these employees begin to retire, the industry will have to work hard to replace them.

“The Job Line is a key component of OERB’s efforts to get the word out that there are great opportunities in the oil and natural gas industry,” Stitt said. “In particular, young people who begin their careers in this industry will be able to advance quickly as large numbers of employees start retiring over the next 15 years.”

Landi Thompson, OERB education director, said she encourages producers, service companies and other energy-related companies or organizations to post job openings on the OERB Job Line.

Companies can e-mail Careers@OERB.com to learn more about posting job openings. Job seekers can search for positions at JobLine.OERB.com.

Thompson said most of the jobs on OERB’s Job Line require some type of training or experience. For Oklahomans interested in energy industry careers but who have no training or experience, the OERB also offers college scholarships and career tech training. Visit the Careers section of OERB.com for more information.

Created by energy industry leaders and the Oklahoma Legislature in 1993, the OERB restores abandoned well sites, supports energy education and promotes the wise and efficient use of energy. The OERB is voluntarily funded by oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners through a one-tenth of 1 percent assessment on the sale of oil and natural gas in Oklahoma.

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