OERB Restoration Efforts Reaches Landmark Accomplishments

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board finishes its 14th year reaching two landmarks in environmental restoration.
The OERB has provided a practical and economical remedy for more than 9,000 abandoned well sites – at no cost to the landowner. The OERB began its work in 1994 with an original list of 17 remediation projects. As of Oct. 15, the OERB had completed the remediation of 9,120 well sites.
The OERB marks a high point in October. To date, industry leaders have contributed more than $50 million to assist the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and Beacon Environmental Assistance Corp. in well-site restoration efforts.
Remediation projects have been completed in 64 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties.
The OERB is working in 29 of the state’s counties today. There have been 11 projects in Tulsa County.
The most remediation work right now is being done in Creek County, where 63 projects are in the assessment or cleanup stages. Since 1994, the most remediation projects have been completed in Seminole County, with 1,480 abandon well site clean-ups. Corporation Commission vice-chair Bob Anthony noted industry and Commission support for OERB has reaped significant benefits for the state.

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