OG&E Eyes Purchase Of Power Plant

$434.5 million. The total cost of the Redbud facility is about $852 million.
The utility filed an application with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission seeking pre-approval of the plan for OG&E and two state power authorities to buy the 1,230-megawatt Redbud power plant.
OG&E will operate the plant while the Grand River Dam Authority will own 36 percent and the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority 13 percent.
OCC to Protect Rural Fuel Suppliers
The Oklahoma Corporation Commission saved Oklahoma rural mom and pop gas stations and fuel suppliers thanks to a non-ruling, said State Rep. Phil Richardson.
The OCC has passed rules without any amendments that would have forced the shutting of rural aboveground fuel storage tanks for fuel.
Any tanks not in compliance with the new OCC standards would make many businesses close their ASTs — even if they were installed before current standards.
“Oklahoma needs these tanks to fuel our rural fire stations so communities can be safe and firefighters can reach an emergency situation without first having to drive miles to refuel,” said Richardson.

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