ORU Students Stomp Footwear Strategy Game

Two Oral Roberts University graduate students have run away from most of their competition with their performance in the Business Strategy Game, which pits student teams from around the world in a global marketplace simulation online.
Jeremiah Wiley and Justice Ojiaka tied for 17th in the competition with 1,360 teams from 103 colleges/universities participating in the simulation worldwide.
The Business Strategy Game is an online exercise where class members are divided into teams and assigned the task of running an athletic footwear company in head-to-head competition against companies managed by other class members. Company operations parallel those of actual athletic footwear companies. Just as in the real-world, companies compete in a global market arena, selling branded and private-label athletic footwear in four geographic regions — Europe-Africa, North America , Asia-Pacific and Latin America.
Wiley and Ojiaka participated in the competition in a graduate class called Simulation, which is taught by Marshal Wright, graduate business chair in the ORU School of Business.
Each week, the best-performing BSG companies are measured on four performance variables: Overall Score, EPS, ROE and Stock Price.
In addition to tying for 17th place in the overall competition with a score of 109, Wiley and Ojiaka placed in the top 100 in two other categories for the week Dec. 7-13. as co-managers of C TensaiKokumeiShoes (Company C). Their Earnings Per Share of $15.03 was the 64th best performance of the week, and their Stock Price of $225.51 was the 83rd best Stock Price performance.
A congratulatory E-mail from BSG to Wright praised his students’ performance: “You should be quite proud of your students for such an excellent performance — a performance that reflects quite well on you and the caliber of instruction that students are receiving in your course.”

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