OSH Makes the Cut

HealthGrades, a leading independent health care ratings company, ranked Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, 2408 E. 81st St., among the top 5 percent in the nation for joint replacement surgery as part of the Tenth Annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America Study, released Oct. 15, which claimed that though the quality of hospital-based care in America is improving, the gap between top-performing and poor-performing hospitals persists.
The study also found that if all hospitals performed at the level at which hospitals rated with five starts by HealthGrades operate, 266,604 Medicare lives could have potentially been saved over the three years studied.
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital was also recognized in the following areas: five-star rated for joint replacement, five-star rated for total knee replacement and five-star rated for total hip replacement. OSH has been recognized by the annual HealthGrades study for the past two years.
The study aimed to identify key trends in the quality of care provided by about 5,000 hospitals nationwide. HealthGrades researchers analyzed Medicare discharges from every U.S. hospital between 2004 and 2006. Risk-adjusted mortality and complication rates were calculated and hospitals were assigned a 1-start (poor), 3-star (as expected), or 5-star (best quality) rating for 28 diagnoses and procedures from health failture to hip replacement to pneumonia.
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, formerly the Orthopedic Hospital of Oklahoma, is a 41-bed hospital specializing in surgical care since 2001. Hospital services include inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, outpatient physical therapy, and imaging center and center for pain management.
The 2008 HealthGrades ratings for all hospitals nationwide are available free of charge on its Web site, www.healthgrades.com.

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