OSU Regents Considering Purchase of Houston Center

The Oklahoma State University Board or Regents is considering a proposal that would allow the university to negotiate and purchase Tulsa’s Houston Center to expand the OSU Center for Health Sciences.

The Houston Center, at 717 South Houston, is owned by SVC Houston Center LLC and appraised for $2.75 million in 2005.

The center sits on an 80,080 SF parcel of land and was built in 1975. The building includes 51,786 SF on five floors.

The Houston Center is located immediately east of the newly renamed Oklahoma State University Medical Center.

OSU Medical Center is the largest osteopathic teaching facility in the country with 15 postgraduate programs that train 126 residents. The school and hospital have trained over 2,000 physicians, of which more than 700 are actively practicing in Oklahoma.

OSU Medical Center was founded in 1944 as the Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital and has a medical staff of 363. The hospital currently contains 331 licensed beds.

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