OSU, TPD Top Out Shared Facility

Flintco crews top out the new 160,000-SF OSU Health Sciences Center, Tulsa Police Department Forensics Facility at 17th Street and Southwest Boulevard.
The building will house TPD’s property room and forensics laboratory on floors one and two. Teaching labs and classrooms will be on the top three floors.
The concept of a shared facility was born from the strength of the relationship between the Tulsa Police Department and OSU’s forensic sciences program, one of only eight in the nation accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, according to OSU Center for Health Sciences President John Fernandes.
“OSU already participates in the training of the police department’s forensics team, and the department provides internship and educational opportunities for our forensics sciences students,” Fernandes said at the February ground breaking. “The police department had an opportunity to expand its facilities but needed land. We had land available, as well as a desire to expand to accommodate our recent growth. Together, we could construct a joint facility to house the police department’s crime lab and property room, as well as teaching lab space and faculty offices for our graduate programs in forensic sciences.”
Upon completion, the facility will be one of two in the nation. UCLA operates a similar facility.
Construction has not been without challenges. For example, due to the varying nature of the building’s programs, several floors require special ventilation. Several of the laboratory floors require Phoenix control valves, which quickly pressurize and depressurize rooms when the doors open in order to prevent cross contamination.
HVAC on the building is so complex, in fact, that mechanical contracting accounted for more than a third of the facility’s $41.2 million price tag.
The building is roughly 40 percent complete despite recent wet weather, with the TPD portion of the building, the first and second floors, exceeding 50 percent completion said project manager Andrew Witte. Completion dates for each floor are staggered depending on their use, with the second floor TPD forensics laboratory due Feb. 1, and the first floor due March 1.
The project is due for completion on Oct. 29, 2010.
Cost for the project is $2.75 million for design and $38.37 million for construction, a total of $41.2 million. OSU provided $21.87 million and the City of Tulsa provided $19.25 million from the 2001 and 2006 Third Penny Sales Tax and the 2005 General Obligation Bond Issue.

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