OSU-Tulsa Energy Savings Top 22 Percent

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa officials announce a 22.5 percent energy savings during a one-year period at a board meeting for the OSU-Tulsa Board of Trustees.
Ron Bussert, vice president for administration and finance, said OSU-Tulsa’s energy conservation efforts have resulted in $215,548 in cost avoidance during 2008.
“We are very pleased with our results for the 2008 calendar year and the commitment our students, faculty and staff have made to cut costs and reduce energy consumption at OSU-Tulsa,” Bussert said. “We hope to continue with the progress we’ve made and increase our savings next year.”
OSU began the energy conservation effort in 2007 under the direction of Energy Education Inc., a company that specializes in people-oriented energy conservation services.
Systemwide, OSU reduced energy consumption by 66.997 million kilowatt hours, resulting in a savings of $3.94 million or 18 percent in 2008. That is more than $750,000 above the estimated savings. Total savings since June 2007 for the OSU system is $5.069 million.
Also at the board meeting, the Trustees approved a job description for the position of OSU-Tulsa President. Last month, President Gary Trennepohl announced that he will be leaving his position of 10 years as president and returning to a full-time OSU faculty position.
The job description will now be forwarded to the OSU/A&M Regents for their consideration and approval at their meeting next week. According to S.B. 1426 creating OSU-Tulsa, the OSU/A&M Board of Regents will approve the committee that will be comprised of two OSU Regents and two OSU-Tulsa Trustees. Student, faculty and staff representatives may also be included on the committee.

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