OSU-Tulsa Presidential Search Committee Named

A seven-member committee named to find a successor to Oklahoma State University-Tulsa President Gary Trennepohl.
In March, Trennepohl announced that he will be leaving his position of 10 years as president and returning to a full-time OSU faculty position.
The committee is comprised of two OSU/A&M Regents, two OSU-Tulsa Trustees and student, faculty and staff representatives. The screening process for presidential candidates is expected to begin in mid-June.
Members of the presidential search committee include OSU-Tulsa Trustee and committee chair Larry Mocha; OSU-Tulsa Trustee Michael Johnson; OSU/A&M Regent Jay Helm; OSU/A&M Regent Calvin Anthony; OSU-Tulsa professor Dr. Al Carlozzi; OSU-Tulsa staff representative Emonica “Nekki” Reagan-Neely; and MBA student Laura Welsh.
Potential presidential candidates should have demonstrated leadership and administrative ability in an academic, governmental or business organization; an ability to communicate the mission and needs of the campus to faculty, staff, students, government and business leaders, alumni and other constituencies; and a commitment to diversity and ability to communicate in a multicultural environment.
A web site has been created to keep students, faculty and staff up to date on the latest news regarding the presidential search, as well as provide information about OSU-Tulsa and the position to potential candidates. To learn more, visit www.osu-tulsa.okstate.edu/faculty/search.asp.

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