OU-Tulsa Booming; Hiring New Faculty

It appears that the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa is hiring faculty as fast as they erect buildings.
According to Kristin Ware, University Relations Coordinator, OU-Tulsa has 23 more faculty members than they did at the beginning of the 2005 fall semester, a 12 percent growth.
That number meets the school’s faculty recruitment goal set forth in their 2006-2010 Strategic Plan.
Among the most impressive numbers in the faculty gains are the 25 percent growth in nursing faculty, 20 percent growth in allied health, and a 25 percent growth in non-health Norman-based programs.
The school presently has 222 faculty members, 140 of which are College of Medicine related.
According to the school’s Strategic Plan, OU-Tulsa plans to enroll 2,000 students by 2010.

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