Officials Deny Tulsa Talons Relocation

Following reports the Tulsa Talons might move to San Antonio prompted BOK Center officials to issue a statement Tuesday.
On Aug. 19, the Talons made an offer to BOK Center officials to cut their $15,000 rent in half — from a per game rental fee of $15,000 down to $7,500.
“We believe that the Tulsa Talons are a great asset to the BOK Center and the City of Tulsa and proposed a fair lease agreement for the new season while keeping in mind our fiscal responsibility,” said John Bolton, BOK Center manager.
The Talons net revenue paid by the BOK Center to the team grew 65 percent this year from $139,428.69 in 2008 (playing at the Tulsa Convention Center) to $229,403.96 in 2009 (playing at the BOK Center – using 9 game comparison per year). Average per person amount spent on concessions rose 4.62 percent.
Mayor Kathy Taylor denied reports of a possible move by the Talons.
“There is absolutely no truth whatsoever that the City is trying to push Henry out of the BOK Center,” she said. “We welcome as many events as possible in the BOK Center. The WNBA team, if it becomes a reality in Tulsa, will also add to the success of this new Arena.”
The BOK Center proposed a new rate structure that reduced the team’s rental payments as ticket sales increased, Bolton said in the release.
“We felt this structure made sense given the ability of the new team and new league to sell more tickets,” he said. “This proposal was given to the Talons Monday evening and within hours learned through media reports the team was reportedly relocating to San Antonio because of the proposal presented.”
— BOK Center pays Talons on average $25,136.25 per regular season game in premium seat income (income that team did not have prior to moving to BOK Center)
— Talons receive 20 percent of concession sales money received by BOK Center. Talons receive 100 percent of merchandise sales for team merchandise sold inside the venue.
· Tulsa Talons played 8 home games on Saturday nights at the BOK Center in 2009 season.

· On August 7 (one month prior to date deadline for submission to league), BOK Center offered 14 Saturdays to Talons to choose 8 preferred dates.

· The BOK Center Project, through Tulsa Vision Builders, spent $225,000 last year on equipment for the Tulsa Talons to play in Tulsa at the BOK Center. (New Turf, New Goals, New Dasher Pads, New Goal Netting)

· The BOK Center and the Tulsa Convention Center reserved for the Talons 93 days of free practice time during the 2009 season (March – August).

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