Oilers Unveil New Logo

The Tulsa Oilers, gearing up for their 17th season in the Central Hockey League, and first as the main tenant in Tulsa’ new BOK Center, have unveiled a new logo which prominently displays the team’s name in bold lettering, maintaining the team’s traditional maroon and navy color scheme.

“This look is very aggressive and bold, just like the team we’re going to have on the ice,” Oilers general manager Taylor Hall said. “It’s a great representation of our team and Tulsa.”

The logo features the team name enclosed in a rectangle with rounded corners (similar to a hockey rink). The emblem also features the long renowned oil drop which has been a feature in other Oiler emblems over the years. The maroon color signifies vigor, will power, and leadership, while the navy is symbolic of knowledge, power and integrity.

Fans got their first look at the new design on Saturday at Woodland Hills Mall. The Oilers passed out t-shirts with the new team crest on them. %9

A new look is also helping head coach Dan Hodge in his off season endeavors.

“Everything we have going on here is helping our recruiting. It seems like every player I talk with wants to know what’s going on with the new arena, and now with a new look in our uniform, it will create that much more excitement,” Hodge said.

The Oilers are expected to play their first home game in the BOK Center, on Saturday October 25th. Their entire 64 CHL game schedule will be released later this summer.

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