Oklahoma Bank Takes the Fear Out of Plastic on Penn Campus

At Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, coeds, faculty and staff are pulling out their plastic to pay for everything from books to sodas, and doing so without fear of high interest rates or overdraft fees, courtesy of an Oklahoma bank.
The issuer of the cards, Central National Bank and Trust Co. of Enid, which recently opened a loan production office in Tulsa, plans to set up customer support for its stored value card services at its Tulsa location, Two Memorial Place, 8023 E. 63rd Place, said Scott Janzen, Tulsa market president.
The first-of-its-kind on a college campus in America, the prepaid “Rock Dollar Card” was recently rolled out to Slippery Rock students and university employees. The card’s first function is that of a campus ID card. But, through a collaborative effort between CNB; ITS, a card processor and subsidiary of CNB’s and Heartland Payment Systems, a leading provider of credit/debit/prepaid card processing, payroll and payment services, the card is also a fully-functional financial instrument.
The PIN-based Pulse card can be loaded through financial aid, scholarships, Pell Grants, even through direct deposit of payroll. Cardholders may also take the card to designated points on campus and have it loaded with money there. Parents can play a role by loading money onto the card from their checking or savings account. All loads have the security of FDIC insurance.
What makes the Rock Dollar Card even more unique is that it comes equipped with near-field technology, the ability to buy a soda from a vending machine with the wave of a mobile phone.

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