Oklahoma Lands Multi-Million Dollar Film Project

The Oklahoma Film and Music Office, along with Killer Inside Me Productions LLC in conjunction with Muse Productions, Los Angeles and Revolution Films, London, announce a new movie project will be filmed in Oklahoma.
The Killer Inside Me is a psychological thriller about a small town deputy sheriff named Lou Ford, based on a novel written by Jim Thompson. Thompson, who was born in Anadarko, has also written the novels The Grifters and The Getaway.
The majority of filming was initially slated for New Mexico, said Jill Simpson, director of the Oklahoma Film & Music Office.
“However, after the production team heard about our incentives and came in for a scout, we were able to land all but one location here in Oklahoma. It’s a real coup for us,” she said.
Film executives scouted Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma over several months last fall, said Susan Kirr, the film’s co-producer.
“Although the film is set in West Texas, we determined that we could get the right look for the town in Guthrie, combining that with cityscapes in Oklahoma and Tulsa (doubling for Fort Worth),” she said. “Jill Simpson and the Oklahoma Film Commission went over and above the call of duty in helping us to find the locations that would work best for the film. The generous incentives and the friendly nature of the people here all combined to make Oklahoma our choice for 85 percent of the principal photography of the film.”
The film will employ cast, crew and extras from Oklahoma, and the production is based in Guthrie. Shooting is scheduled to begin in Oklahoma on March 30 and will take place around the towns of Guthrie, Oklahoma City, Cordell, Enid and Tulsa.
The film will be directed by Michael Winterbottom who was the director of A Mighty Heart, the story based on the life of journalist Daniel Pearl, starring Angelina Jolie. The Killer Inside Me’s leading cast includes Jessica Alba as Joyce Lakeland, Kate Hudson as Amy Stanton, and Casey Affleck as Lou Ford. The film also stars Bill Pullman and Elias Koteas.

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