Oklahoma Tax Commission: Last Chance in ’08

With just one week left in the Oklahoma Tax Commission Clean Slate ’08 program, taxpayers still have time to resolve past due or unfiled account liabilities.
The Clean Slate ’08 program, a result of Senate Bill 2034, ends Friday, Nov. 14.
Taxpayers who file past due returns and pay their obligations from taxes due prior to Jan. 1, will have all penalty, interest and fees waived. The penalty on their original obligation will double after Nov. 14, for those who fail to take advantage of this program.
“We’ve had an overwhelming response from the taxpayers to the Clean Slate ’08 program,” said Paula Ross, Tax Commission spokesperson. “Thousands of taxpayers have been able to file and bring their accounts current with our agency.”
Tax types included in the program are income tax (individual and corporate), sales, use, withholding, franchise, mixed beverage, gross production and petroleum excise, gasoline and diesel, and bank “in lieu” (otherwise known as privilege) tax. Federal taxes, taxes paid to other state agencies, and taxes paid to other states are not eligible under this program.

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