Oliver Signs Pickens Pledge

Georgianna Oliver, Democratic nominee for First District, signed the “Pickens Pledge,” showing her support for the Pickens Plan.
The pledge is a part of T. Boone Pickens nationwide effort calling attention to America’s dependence on foreign oil. The plan seeks to introduce alternatives to foreign oil.
America imports close to 70 percent of its oil, as compared to about 24 percent in 1970, according to Pickens. If followed Pickens proposes to cut the U.S. need for foreign oil by more than 30 percent over the next 10 years. This also translates into an additional $200 billion per year remaining in the U.S.
“The Pickens Plan is a huge step in the right direction towards energy independence,” said Oliver. “Perhaps more importantly, I see the Pickens Plan as a way to bring new, green collar jobs to Green Country. The creation and maintenance of wind fields in the state of Oklahoma, as well as the manufacturing of windmill parts already underway in Northeastern Oklahoma, will bring new jobs and more money to our state. If Oklahomans get on board, we can show our true spirit and dedication to the rest of the country and serve as a role model for green energy efforts.”

Oliver called the plan a “groundbreaking non-partisan effort.”

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