One-Stop Shop for Veggies and Such at Center 1

Thanks to the new Center 1 Market, Tulsa’s first year-round, indoor collection of farmers’ market vendors, there’s no need to slump half-asleep to the farmers’ markets to pick up the fresh food you need to impress clients at your weekend dinner party.
Center 1 Market, which houses farmer’s market vendors Nuyaka Natural Farms, Dawson’s Market, Petals and Soup and Farrell Bread in a 2,900-SF “one-stop shop” for local produce, meat and breads at 3524F S. Peoria Ave., opened June 12.
“Each of us has a satellite business that we sell all around the state, so we told our customers by word of mouth that we were going to be opening here,” said James Cooper, proprietor of Center 1 Market and Nuyaka Natural Farms. “We really had a big response when we opened.”
Cooper aimed to make shopping for food from local vendors easier and more available while holding on to that upper-crust edge essential to good retail on Brookside.
“Versus one person trying to do it all, we thought, ‘Why not pick the A-list of everyone who has a good product, and we’ll do a cooperative effort?” he said.
Word-of-mouth advertising really works, Cooper said.
“When you have a good product to sell that’s needed by the community, it’s easy to sell.”
Cooper isn’t content just setting up shop at the local farmers’ markets and in bricks and mortar in Henry Aberson’s trendy Center 1 development. Nuyaka Farms also provides produce to Lava Noshery, the reincarnated Table Ten restaurant that serves the Nuyaka Farm Salad that varies according to what’s in season. Nuyaka produce will soon be used in the dishes prepared at The Local Table, where chef Tuck Curren will focus on local fodder for the relaxed diner.
“Local restaurants are buying not only fruits and vegetables, but also fresh herbs, breads, meats and cheeses,” he said. Though Cooper looks to serve primarily the Midtowner at Center 1 Market, he’d also like to reach Tulsans from downtown to out south with his location “in the center of things.”
“This is the only place in town this should be,” Cooper said. “I don’t see this being anywhere else. This fits like a glove.”
Some of Cooper’s headliner products available at Center 1 Market that are trucked in daily from the farm in Nuyaka include fresh sweet corn, baby red new potatoes, red leaf lettuce, zucchini and tomatoes. But, not everything for which Tulsa foodies hanker is available locally.
“We’re also going to have lots of people asking for citrus. So, I’m starting to bring in some citrus from Texas. We want people to have a one-stop shop.”
Center 1 Market is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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