Opportunities to ‘Green’ the Energy Supply

Denise Bode said there is good news this Earth Day, as the U.S. can renew its commitment to be better stewards of the planet.
Bode, American Wind Energy Association CEO while creating good, long term jobs — like the jobs at the new wind turbine component manufacturing facilities in Newton, Iowa, which President Obama is visiting on Earth Day.
“This Earth Day occurs at a time when we are revising our energy policies in order to reduce the impact of our energy consumption on the environment,” Bode said. “Thankfully, there are more ways to achieve this than existed on the first Earth Day, in 1970.”
Wind energy, in particular, is a readily available technology that can bring immediate reductions in the emissions that are contributing to climate change. But we need the right policies to take advantage of it.
“This Earth Day, we at AWEA and in the U.S. wind energy industry call on our political leaders to enact a Renewable Electricity Standard to reach President Obama’s goal of doubling our use of renewable energy and begin cutting greenhouse emissions today,” Bode said.
Taking this step will do more than help the Earth; it will help our economy by creating jobs — and enhance our national security by diversifying our energy supply with domestic, infinite, renewable energy sources.”

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