Owasso Approves Residential Projects

The Owasso Planning Commission has voted 4-1 to approve a planned unit development near the Owasso Sports Complex, where a 200-apartment community will be built.
Roy Johnson, attorney for property owner Chad Day, said the complex will be an “upscale, luxury” complex. Each unit will be two-story and have a single car garage.
Commissioners unanimously approved Day’s request for the 18 acres to be annexed into the city. The apartments will be built on 17 acres, while the remaining acre was zoned commercial.
Numerous residents voiced their opposition to the project, most lived in the Metro Heights subdivision. Concerns included increased traffic, increased crime and vandalism, and the impact on the value of their homes.
Johnson noted the apartments will not be built as densely as others in the Tulsa area. He said this development would have 12 units per acre. There will be no three-bedroom units.
Commissioners also voted to annex 4.62 acres on the south side of East 76th Street North, west of the Crown Colony subdivision where a planned unit development will be built. The development will contain 40 dwellings on 4.62 acres in 10 separate units. The town homes will be for sale not rent.

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