Owasso Zoning Code Gets Update

An update of the controversial Owasso zoning code has been unanimously approved by city councilors.
Eric Wiles, Owasso’s community development director, said the council had discussed the document at three work sessions, several public meetings with developers and residents. The Owasso Planning Commission and Economic Development Authority considered it before being presented to the council.
In its December 2006 meeting, planning commission members voted 4-0 to recommended the update with one exception.
Under the old code, the technical advisory committee reviewed a developer’s site plan. It was then sent to the planning commission for review before being recommended to the city council.
In the new code site plan, review is done by the TAC committee and approved by the city’s community development department.
Another key change in the code involves planned unit developments. The code allows for four homes per acre in a PUD.
A developer can increase the number by “earning” their way into a higher density by constructing homes with 70 percent masonry exteriors.
Developers can also include in the their PUD plans at least four quality-of-life amenities, including a neighborhood swimming pool, walking trails, pedestrian street lighting or a landscaped entrance, Wiles said.
The council believes the update will help streamline the city’s development process.
Councilors also approved a rules and regulations section for seven sections of the code that will allow the city manager to make changes to the code that can be presented to the council and take effect after 30 days.
Those chapters of the code include telecommunications towers, fencing requirements, flood hazard regulations, signage, outdoor lighting, landscaping and access for gated communities.

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