Owasso to Build Eighth Elementary School

The Owasso School Board has approved a bid for Owasso’s eighth elementary to be constructed in Stone Canyon, a new development southeast of the city. Atlas Construction, one of four to bid on the project, turned in the low bid of $14.68 million.
While more than the $13.4 million that was given in the preliminary cost estimate before the bonds were approved last year, architect Michael Stacy explained that soft costs such as furniture, furnishings and equipment ($1.37 million), and the soils testing costs of $129,500 were placed in the base bid to save money and to avoid different contractors trying to do work in the building while the main architect was finishing the job.
Four alternates were left in the final contract. One of those, brick veneer at $53,000, will remain while three others, amounting to $118,500, could be pulled out later if necessary.
Stacy said it was less expensive to leave them in and pull them if needed than trying to add them later.
The bids were competitive, ranging from the winning bid of $14.68 million to the high bid of $15.7 million.
Stacy said the emphasis on this project would be on quality rather than the large scale such as the new Barnes Elementary. “It will be nice, but we pulled back from the volume at Barnes,” he said. “It is a unique design and will be a school of ‘character.’”
He explained that each pod will have a mascot which will relate to a character trait, such as an ant representing teamwork, with the classroom “becoming a part of the learning environment.”
Atlas will have 430 days to complete the project, which would put it on line in July of 2009.

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